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Requirements for registration include a proper working visa. Absolutely no tourist visa holders will be allowed to register.
Also, you must live in the Kanto region. If you plan to leave Japan or the Kanto region within the next 6 months you may not register.
What is Teacher-Student.com

Teacher-Student.com is an English learner/native English teacher matching website.

Teacher-Student.com provides very detailed personal profiles of all its native English teachers in order to offer potential students a wide variety of styles, materials and methods from which to choose and the convenience of selecting lessons especially suited to their individual needs.

Win-Win situation

After the free registration process, teachers can dispense with the tasks of seeking out new students, posting want ads, and negotiating lesson fees. Also, upon registration teachers will be able to select the kinds of students they prefer to teach(i.e. adults and/or children, men and/or women) and the locations of their lessons. In addition, teachers may change their schedules anytime without prior notice. Compared with the EIKAIWA Schools, teachers will be given shorter contracts and much more freedom to excercise their own styles and techniques. Teacher-Student.com does not receive a percentage of your lesson fee. All company revenue is gained from the student introductory fee. Therefore, teachers can maximize their income and, after setting their initial registration cost, students only pay their teachers directly.

Matching System  

Teacher registers by completing online application form and personal profile. Teacher sends documents backing up credentials cited in the personal profile/application form by email at member@teacher-student, or mail to the Teacher-Student office.(Shibuya-west Bldg. 1F, 3-39-12 Hatagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0072).
Teacher-Student processes registration, makes the teacher's profile available to potential students online, then activates teacher password to edit it.
Potential student chooses teacher online and requests a trial lesson. If the student can not find an instructor who meets their needs, he or she simply leaves it up to us.
Teacher-Student contacts the teacher about the potential student and arranges an introductory meeting. Afterward, the teacher, student and an English-speaking Teacher-Student representative meet. Using his or her own materials, the instructor conducts a 15-20 minute free trial lesson. Therefore, it is necessary to have chosen a textbook deemed suitable for the student beforehand. If the student selects you as his or her teacher, and the textbook was found to be unsuitable, please choose a more appropriate one before lessons commence.
Following the trial lesson, the Teacher-Student representatives will advise the student on home study. (All Teacher-Student instructors are qualified language instructors)

After the 3-day period, if both the teacher and student agree, Teacher-Student will schedule the first lesson. During this time, Teacher-Student will ensure that both parties' contact information is exchanged.

Lessons commence soon afterward. Teachers fee will be paid directly by the student following each lesson.

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